Who We Are?

With our experience in the field of Food Supplements since 2009, we aim to offer healthy solutions for you with our Core Active brand.

Being  a part of nature, we believe that the usage of organic sources is the most beneficial to human health.

For this reason, we do not include any kind of components that may affect human health in a negative way. As we use certified raw materials, and combine them in the framework of halal rules

Our mission

To provide safe organic nutritional supplements to protect individuals who do not have any health problems from diseases and to support them to have a healthy and long life. Nonetheless, to those who suffer from serious health problems with our organic products.

Our Goals

The usage of preventive and organic ingredients as well as medical cures is considered as old as human history. Our goal is to examine the natural products in a scientific way and to offer them to the service of humanity with possibilities of modern medicine. Together, we will be able to build more fit and healthier future towards a better quality of life.