Glycerin Oil

Ingredients: 50ml, 100% Glycerin oil.

Internal Use: Not used internally.

External Use: Apply by massaging the skin.

Product Description

Glycerin Oil

Glycerin, commonly referred to as glycerol, is a colorless, odorless, and non-toxic, sweet-tasting liquid. Glycerin, miscible with water and alcohol, can be natural or synthetic.

Natural glycerin is produced because of the hydrolysis of animal or vegetable oils. Hydrolysis is the reaction of a substance with water and, as a result, the breaking of the chemical bond. It is produced by chemical processes involving synthetic glycerin, petroleum, propylene, and chlorine.

Glycerin Benefits

One of the most common uses is the cosmetic industry. Especially creams containing glycerin and shampoos containing glycerin are beneficial for both hair and skin. Here are the benefits of glycerin: It moisturizes, nourishes the skin, maintains the water balance, gives a soft and smooth appearance, and helps protect the skin against harmful UV rays.

In addition, it moisturizes the lips, is good for hand and foot calluses, and when applied to damp hair, it helps to repair and strengthen the hair, reducing flaking.


Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Keep out of reach of children.


Categories: Herbal Cosmetics, Essential Oils & Acids

Usage Area: Skin Care Health, Hair Care Health, Anti-Aging

Product Type: Oil