Nettle Seed Oil

Ingredients: 20ml, 100% Nettle Seed Oil.

Internal Use: Drink 3-5 drops in a cup of water a day.

External Use: Apply by message to the skin.



Product Description

Nettle Seed Oil

Stinging nettle is a plant that has been used in alternative medicine throughout history. It causes skin burns and irritation when it meets the tubular hairs on the leaves. For this reason, it is necessary to collect nettles by wearing gloves.

Stinging nettle is a plant originating from North Asia. Today, it is widely used in alternative medicine in our country and in the world. Although its leaves and roots are generally used, its seeds have also been widely used recently.

 Benefits of Nettle

Nettle cleanses the body from toxins, stimulates the lymphatic system, prevents the formation of kidney stones, accelerates blood circulation, and helps to clean the blood.

Stinging nettle contains high levels of vitamin C. The iron components in its content accelerate the formation of red blood cells. Elimination of chronic fatigue and anemia is provided. It helps prevent gingivitis and bleeding.


Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Keep out of reach of children.

Categories: Herbal Cosmetics, Essential Oils & Acids

Usage Area: Skin Care Health

Product Type: Oil