Pine Turpentine Oil

Ingredients: 50ml, 100% Pine Turpentine Oil.

Internal Use: Not used internally.

External Use: Apply by message to the skin.

Product Description

Pine Turpentine Oil

Pine turpentine oil is a beneficial oil for many health problems, especially in terms of hair and skin care, which is often used. Pine turpentine, found in pine trees, is a naturally derived resin.

The use of pine turpentine oil is quite simple. Pine turpentine oil, which is also greatly beneficial for health, is a highly effective oil in solving skin problems.

Benefits of Pine Turpentine Oil

Regular use of pine turpentine oil ensures smooth skin. It helps in curing itching, redness, and psoriasis. It is highly effective in protecting the skin from environmental factors. Pine oil provides hair loss, growth, natural care and makes it look lively.

You can also drip boiling water and inhale steam to reduce chest pains that come with lung diseases. It is also recommended to add pine turpentine oil to bath water as it relieves stress and fatigue as well as joint pain and rheumatic pain.



Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Keep out of reach of children.