Sage Oil

Ingredients: 20ml, 100% Sage Oil.

Internal Usage: Drink 3-5 drops in a cup of water a day.

External Use: Apply by massaging the skin.

Product Description

Sage Oil

It is a pure essential oil obtained by steam distillation from sage leaves. Sage oil has cleansing properties. Sage essential oil, which also has antibacterial properties, takes good care of both your skin and your living space. You can freshen the air in your living space when used with a diffuser and censer.


Benefits of Sage Oil

Sage oil is a powerful oil for the circulatory system. It allows the blood transferred to the muscles and organs to reach more easily. Thus, all body functions work efficiently. It appears as a powerful oil in the digestive system as well as in the circulatory system. Sage oil facilitates digestion, improves stomach problems such as indigestion.


Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Keep out of reach of children.