Evening Primrose Oil

Ingredients: 20ml, 100% Evening Primrose oil

Internal Use: Not used internally.

External Use: Apply on the skin by texting.

Product Description

Evening Primrose Oil

Produced by squeezing the evening primrose, which is a source of healing from root to seed, in various ways, evening primrose oil provides benefits to the human body in many ways. Derived from evening primrose oil, which is known to have positive effects on the immune system, evening primrose oil also stands out with its effects that strengthen the immune system and increase body resistance.

Evening primrose oil, which can relieve sleep problems with its soothing effects, also has an important effect on skin health. Evening primrose oil also stands out with its ability to relieve muscle and joint pain.

Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil

It is known that evening primrose oil, which has a rich content of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids beneficial for the body, is a rich source of Omega-6 fatty acids. However, evening primrose oil provides miraculous healing for human health.

Evening primrose oil, which has positive effects on hormones, is effective in eliminating problems such as abdominal pain experienced by women during and before menstruation. Thanks to the Omega-6 fatty acids it contains, eveningprimrose oil, which balances the hormones, prevents the formation of acne and acne on the skin. In addition, evening primrose oil, which has positive effects on hair health, will prevent the problem of dandruff on the scalp and make your hair look brighter and livelier.


Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Keep out of reach of children.