Omega 3 + Q10 + D3

Ingredients: Fish Oil, Beef Gelatin, Water, Coenzyme Q10

Moisturizer: Glycerin, Cholecalciferol

Colorant: Tartrazine and Sunset Yellow Fcf,

Carrier: Basic Methacrylate Copolymer

Usage Information: It is recommended to consume 1 soft gel a day for adults.


Product Description

Omega-3, Q10 Vit D3

Our bodies depend on different supplements to carry out daily activities. Omega-3 is one of these essential products as it preserves two good types of fat: EPA and DHA. EPA and DHA oils are mainly found in oily fish as well as algae. When you have a busy lifestyle, you can forget about getting your daily needs from food. Thus, we introduce the solution to you with our daily Omega-3 solution, which contains the essential supplements your body needs to perform your daily activities.


Different healthcare organizations often publish different opinions with the help of their expertise. While some conflict can be found, they agree that adults should consume a minimum of 250-500mg of both EPA and DHA. Remarkably, in some cases some adults may consume more than these doses, depending on the physician’s judgment. Taking these recommendations into account, our Omega-3 does not just contain fish oil or the normal components of EPA and DHA. It also contains Coenzyme10 and Vitamin D3 as follows:


Total Omega-3: 650 mg.
EPA: 360 mg.
DHA: 240 mg.
Coenzyme Q10: 100 mg.
D3 Vitamini: 10 μg (400 UI) (200% BRD*).


Our product is not consumed as medicine. Therefore, it is important to consult your doctor in case of illness, especially during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Allergy sufferers beware! Contains fish products.